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Dimitrije Vujadinović 1951, culturologist - researcher of cultural policy, culture and history of bread, culture of memory. Worked as a researcher at the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development of Serbia, and then as the director of the Eco-Center. Permanent associate of the ERICarts Institute, Bonn. Head of the international project Bread Cultural Heritage.
Appointed Council of Europe Program Expert - Compendium Project for Cultural Heritage Subproject 2013. From 2014 appointed as a permanent associate as an expert at the Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism - IGCAT, Barcelona, Spain. Member of the European Cultural Networks ECURES 2014
The founder of the Balkankult Foundation Intereg as a director until today.

Author of books: Marketing - a guide for cultural managers; Ecological kaleidoscope; Boycott a better life; Bread in 200 ways; Developmental aspects of cultural industries; The ninth millennium goal, views on the cultural policy of Serbia in the period of transition; Personal attitude - cultural policy in Serbia; Folk culture in the cultural policy of Serbia; Atlas of the Museum of Bread in Europe; Ritual and Traditional Bread in Vojvodina; Beer bread; Cipovka - bread that laughs at the moon; Serbian woman - heroine of the Great War; Bread in the Great War; Forgotten Forgotten Heroes of the First World War; Children in the Great War ...
Author of documentaries: Iceland - Between Fire and Ice; Art factories; Santa Claus lives here; Cities of ice; The land of a thousand lakes and the midnight sun; Chipovka - bread that laughs at the moon; Christmas bread – Bozicnja..
Book Editor: Developmental aspect of the culture industry; Green Paper on the cultural policies of local and regional authorities in Europe; Mobility of artists and cultural practitioners in Southeast Europe; Cultural diplomacy; Development of private collections / museums - the basis for small family business and others.
Author of over 60 papers published in domestic and foreign anthologies and periodicals: Culture of the poor; Analysis of public holidays; Natural, cultural and spiritual values of Fruška Gora; Cultural model of fans of newly composed music; Creative Europe; Mobility of creative capital in the Balkans; Technology of transitions; European houses of bread ...
Author of exhibitions: Ritual and Traditional Bread in Vojvodina; Bread on medieval frescoes; Posters of the Museum of Bread Culture in Ulm; Bread cultural heritage; History of mills; World windmills; Bread and beer civilization; Ex libris - bread cultural heritage; Ex libris - Danube River of Cooperation; Ex libris - Bridge, a symbol of cultural cooperation; Bread in the Great War; Serbian woman - heroine of the Great War; Forgotten heroes ...
Over 50 extensive research and projects in the field of culture and cultural policy.
As editor-in-chief, he has prepared about 30 books in the fields of culture, cultural policy, history of bread, ecology and poetry.
Author of numerous articles in daily and weekly newspapers. Member of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia and the International Association of JournalistsBrussels.

Some works
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2001 - Boycott of a Better Life
Dimitrije Vujadinović, Ljubica Marić, Nikola Pantić 2002 - Harmony in Stone
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2006 -тi_milenijуmski_цilj
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2008 Atlas - Bread Museums in Europe
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2008 Bread in 200 ways
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2010 - Bread with Beer
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2010 - Ritual and Traditional Bread in Vojvodina
Dimitrije Vujadinović, Miša Đurković 2011 - Folk Culture in the Cultural Policy of Serbia
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2015 - Personal Attitude, Records on the Cultural Policy of Serbia
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2016 - Cipovka, Bread that Laughs at the Moon
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2016 - Cipovka, Bread that Laughs at the Moon documentary
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2017 - Serbian Woman, Heroine of the Great War
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2019 - Bread in the Great War
Dimitrije Vujadinović 2020 - Forgotten Heroes of the First World War

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  • Socio-cultural and gender studies
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