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Kalliopi Chainoglou

University of Macedonia/Assistant Professor of International Law and International Institutions

Research profile: human rights, cultural rights, cultural policies, heritage management and heritage governance; vulnerable groups; minorities; gender issues; heritage at risk and in armed conflict

Selected Publications:
K. Chainoglou, “Tourism and Trafficking in Cultural Goods: An Overview of Regulatory Initiatives”, in A. Papathanassis, St. Katsios and R. Dinu, Yellow Tourism-Crime and Corruption in the Holiday Sector, Springer, 2019
Κ. Chainoglou, “Destruction and reconstruction of cultural heritage in Eastern Mediterranean: From cultural genocide to war crimes and crimes against humanity”, in A. Tziampiris and Spyridon Litsas, The New Eastern Mediterranean Springer US, 2018
K. Chainoglou, “The protection of intangible cultural heritage in armed conflict: Dissolving the boundaries between the existing legal regimes?”, 2018 1 Santander Art and Culture Review
K. Chainoglou, J. Strawson, B. Collins, M. Phillips eds., Injustice, Memory and Faith in Human Rights Routledge, Abingdon/New York, 2017
K. Chainoglou, A. Wiesand, Y. Donders, and A. Sledzinska eds., Culture and Human Rights: The Wroclaw Commentaries, De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston, 2016
K. Chainoglou, “The protection of the rights of the people with mental disabilities in Europe”, 2013 1:2 Cyprus Human Rights Law Review pp. 157-183
K. Chainoglou, “Recent developments in the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities within the European framework: The European Community and the Council of Europe”, 2010 Revue Hellenique de Droit International, pp. 811-837.

Main research fields:
  • Cultural policies / arts administration
  • Diversity / intercultural studies
  • Education / training
  • European cooperation / integration
  • Heritage / history
  • Internat. relations / cult. diplomacy
  • Impact studies / evaluation
  • Law / rights issues / status of artists
  • Socio-cultural and gender studies


University of Macedonia