ERICarts European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research

CUPORE, the Finnish Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (, was founded in 2002 on the initiative of the University of Jyväskylä and the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The Ministry of Education and Culture was one of the initiators behind the establishment of the Foundation and is responsible for the financing of its research projects.

The purpose of the Foundation is to monitor developments in both Finnish and international cultural policy and to promote research in the field. To implement its mandate, the Foundation maintains a research centre in Helsinki’s Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas). CUPORE’s mandate includes the production and dissemination of reliable information applicable to cultural policy decision making and the promotion of important research and expert opinion by way of research projects and training in the field.

The Foundation maintains a relatively small group of researchers on its own, but also finances research carried out on a contractual basis at academic research centres and by groups of experts. In addition, CUPORE participates in joint international projects for which it seeks financing from e.g. the EU and other international bodies. CUPORE’s Board defines the general guidelines of its activities, approves appropriations and financial plans and employs its staff and researchers.


Former ERICarts Associate FinnEKVIT was established in 1993 to promote Finnish research on European cultural and media policies. As a small expert organisation with a membership of a dozen university professors, researchers and experts, it has co-operated with the ERICarts Institute in several European projects including "Pyramids or Pillars", "Creative Europe" and "Culture-Gates", in particular via its Secretary General, Prof. Ilkka Heiskanen. In 2011, Finn-EKVIT ceased its activities and transferred its shares in the ERICarts Institute to CUPORE.


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