ERICarts European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research

European Association of Cultural Researchers e.V. (ECURES)

is an international Association of ca. 90 scholars and experts specialising in cultural research and, originally, the founding body of the ERICarts Institute.

The members of the Association come from 32 countries countries in Europe and other parts of the world. They represent a broad range of academic disciplines. ECURES is committed to pioneering the development of theoretical and applied cultural research as a recognized professional field and to facilitating the free exchange of scientific ideas and resources.

The main goal of the Association was to establish an "interdisciplinary institute for basic and applied research in the cultural and media fields" (Art. 2.3 of the Statute of 1993), a mission which was achieved in 2004 and 2005, following the Assemblies in Berlin and Amsterdam.  Members of the Association share the common objective of advancing cultural research through conferences, publications and other means. ECURES participates in the decision-making process of the Institute and members take part in its comparative research projects. Since a few years, ECURES placed emphasis on taking care of the interests of experts collaborating in the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe.

The mission of the ECURES e.V. is to:

  • support a new generation of cultural researchers by e.g. contributing to their¬†professional training and¬†education;
  • work for increased transparency and competence in European cultural policymaking;
  • actively promote scientific and cultural co-operation throughout Europe and with the Southern hemisphere;
  • help improve methodologies and instruments used in cultural research;
  • empowering members by encouraging participation in each others research projects.

The current members of the ECURES Board are (2013):

Secretary General: Andreas Wiesand (Bonn)


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