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Andreas Johannes Wiesand

is the Executive Director of the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts). He is also one of the founders of the Centre for Cultural Research/Zentrum für Kulturforschung (ZfKf) and acted as its Director between 1972 and 2008 (until 1998 together with Karla Fohrbeck).

Andreas Wiesand was trained in broadcasting (SWF) and completed his doctoral studies in politics, communication, education and sociology at Berlin and Hamburg Universities. He is the author or responsible editor of over 50 publications on issues related to: political, economic, or legal questions in the arts, literature and media fields; empirical studies on national, European and international cultural development; and current topics in cultural anthropology. Professor emeritus of arts administration/European cultural policies at the State College for Music and Theatre in Hamburg, he now lectures at other academic and cultural institutions throughout Europe (e.g. Dresden, Tallinn, Belgrade) and worldwide (via the Goethe Institute).

Prof. Dr. Wiesand served as Chairman of the Board of the copyright licensing society "Bild Kunst" (Visual Arts/Film), as honorary Secretary General of the German Arts Council, vice-president of the German Society for Cultural Policy, on the founding Board of the European cultural policy network CIRCLE and on the Board of Deutsche Welle (German overseas Radio/TV).

A more detailed CV can be found on LinkedIn and ConnectCP (English) or here (German).

Executive Director

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