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The work of the ERICarts Institute lies between academic inquiry and applied research relevant for policy makers, foundations, cultural enterprises, media professionals and arts organisations.  Each client or target group require different types of reliable information and analysis which is relevant to the demands of their working environment.  The experience gathered in the ERICarts Institute meets these needs by providing expert advice, producing quality research and delivering project results.

From the idea to the final report, the ERICarts Institute and its partners develop and manage large-scale research projects, which can involve up to 50 cultural researchers and professionals in any given project.  The management team acts as a central contact point - or hub – which co-ordinates the work and services provided by the Institute. 

Local experts from over 40 European countries are engaged in the work of the Institute.  This partnership structure enriches the results through knowledge and experience that can only be gained by working with experts who live in different countries and cultural contexts. This decentralised approach enriches the work of the Institute by providing credibility, integrity and local insight to every publication, report, or commissioned service.

Click on the drop down menu for more information about the different services provided by the ERICarts Institute such as: concept building, collection of comparative data, production of case studies, monitoring trends, policy analysis, communication and exchange. 

A list of public and private sector actors which have engaged the services of the ERICarts Institute can be found under “Financing”.

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